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Sororities and fraternities 6

Choose the word or phrase that suits the sentence best.

1. Before Easter people tend to _____.
water the house, scrub the house, grow the house, moist the house
2. It%27s excellent when your friends are capable of _______ to work hard.
spurring you, letting you, making you, going you
3. Taking part in survival camps can ______.
soften you up, brighten you up, cheer you up, toughen you up
4. After living in a dorm she gained _______ friends.
stalk, close-knit, fussy, related
5. At the bonfire some boys performed ____, which were hilarious.
rehearsals, tasks, skits, tests
6. Working long hours for the company _______ on my family life. I nearly lost my wife.
gave a support, made a point, gave a promotion, took a toll
7. Learning a second language can be a difficult and frustrating ________.
treat, feat, entrepreneur, endeavour
8. Having attended the best university in the country, he had ________on other job applicants.
a point, an income, an edge, a promotion