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Digestive Dunlap

SM Intestine funx, jejunum print quizzes , Most important digestive organ in alimentary canal, Pylorus, Descending colon, LRG intestine results history , Anus, Anal canal, Vermiform appendix tool for teachers , Ascending colon, Cecum, Pharynx, Esophagus, submucosa, Mouth distance learning , Mucosa, rectum web tool , Ileum, Body grading , pyloric sphincter, Vermiform, Transverse colon teaching , Sigmoid, Cardia, Muscular layer, Gastroesophageal sphincter funx, Esophagus funx, Stomach parts, Serosa, Stomach, Gastroesophageal sphincter, duodenum, Ileocecal valve, Fundus,

Pylorus, Body,Fundus, Cardia, mm. ring Lwrportion of esophagus,relax , Small intestine, MM ring that regualtes passage of Chyme, Nerve ending, blood %26 lymph,nuorish tissue interactive , begins at transverse to pelvis, appendix, 1.5m long,extends ileum to anal canal, lower right of , narrow tube from cecum, no digestive function, circular mm. that regualtes Chyme to duodenum, opening of anal canal 2 sphincters internal, external, 6m long, pyloric sphincter to LRG intestine, 2.5-4cm, proximal to rectum, distal outside, relax during swallow, bous to stomach, Secrets mucus, transports food to stomach, peristalsis results , Narrow inferior portion leading to duodenum, Inner portion, absorbs nutrients, secrets mucus%26 enzyme, 25cm, pharynx-%3estomach, stop ^ part of stomach, RND portion ^ and LT of cardia, temp storage, remainder of small intestine, joint LRG and SMALL @ valve, Longest most mobile rt-%3elt, begins digestion-recives food mastication, post. to mouth, connects nasal oral with larynx %26 esophagus , J shape, puch like organ, inferior to diaphram, cecum upward to liver, proximal 2/5 mobile of small intestine, Surrounds entrance of esophagus, 2coats sm mm.responsible for mvmt of tube %26 contents, Central portion located below Fundus e-learning , outer layer of tube,secretes seroud fluid-frictionless, S shape, begins at pelvis extend to midline, next to sacrum, temp storage for undigested, shortest most fixed, c-shape~25cm, recives Chyme online learning games , pouch structure begins LRG intestine recive chyme,