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Short questions

Answer the questions. Choose the answers from the right box.

Were your classmates noisy yesterday? , Has your sister seen a giraffe?, Can you draw a swan?, Have you made any friends this month? active teaching , Does your father like snowboarding?, Do you like reading stories? , Do your relatives live in Estonia?, Are you writing? learning , Are there any posters in your room?, Can your friend swim fast?, Were you ill last week?, Is your teacher standing?, Was it windy yesterday?, Are your parents strict?, Is there a map of Great Britain in your classroom?, Have your classmates been to Sweden?,

No, she isn%27t., Yes, he can., Yes, there is., No, I can%27t., No, there aren%27t., No, they aren%27t., Yes, she has., Yes, I am., No, I haven%27t. crossword maker , Yes, they have. online quizzes , Yes, it was., No, they weren%27t, Yes, I do., No, he doesn%27t., Yes, I was., Yes, they do.,