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ELA Grade 7 2010 - Walking Weather

Read this poem. Then answer questions 11 through 14.

1. Which sentence describes a characteristic of this poem?
walk2.png, , ,
2. What does the poet mean when she says, %22There%27s more to walking than getting somewhere!%22?
People should walk to get to places., People should walk with their friends., People should hurry and cover up when walking in rainy weather., People should notice the sights and sounds of the weather when walking.,
3. What is the main idea of the poem?
It has no rhyming words., It has an irregular rhyme pattern., Every other line rhymes., Every third line rhymes.,
You can get to most places faster if you run., Walking is the slowest way to reach a destination. mix questions , You should enjoy the journey as you walk to a place., It is more efficient to walk than to run in bad weather.,
5. Read these lines from the poem. When you walk in the rain, do you listen? Or do you just scurry on through it? The words %22scurry on%22 mean to
move quickly, walk fearfully, step carefully, talk quietly,