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ELA Grade 7 2010 - The Amazing Mr. Gilbert

Read this passage. Then answer questions 7 through 10.

1. Which of these facts proves that Gilbert was a talented athlete?
gilbert2.png, dynamic quiz , ,
2. Which of these statements best summarizes why the author considers Gilbert to be %22amazing%22?
gilbert3.png, , ,
A question is asked and then answered., Two sides of an argument are presented., Events are placed in the order they happened. ESL , Events are listed from most important to least important.,
4. According to the passage, Gilbert believed that toys
He invented the erector set., He sold chemistry and science sets., He had many different talents and abilities., He spent many years improving his toy inventions.,
helped children learn, appealed only to children, could not be sold profitably, should not be sold during wartime,
He planned to become a coach., He won a gold medal at the Olympics., He earned a diploma in physical education., He started a sports club for his friends at age 12.,