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ELA Grade 7 2010 - The Dolphin Mystery

Read this passage. Then answer questions 1 through 6.

1. Read this sentence from the passage. Hallie swam across the tank following Maya%27s path and emerged from the water to find Kathy removing her scuba gear. In this sentence, the word %22emerged%22 means
dolphin2.png, multiple choice questions , ,
2. Read this sentence from the passage. From the look on Kathy%27s face, Hallie knew everything was beginning to make sense. This sentence means that Kathy
dolphin3.png, grading , ,
3. How does Hallie solve the %22mystery%22 in the story?
Hallie, Kathy results , an outside narrator, the park veterinarian,
4. The author includes the scene between Hallie and her mother to suggest that Hallie may
quit her job at the sea life park, teach Maya how to retrieve items, stop trying to figure out the mystery, find an explanation for Maya%27s behavior,
5. Which word best describes Hallie?
has taught Maya to conceal items behind the filter box, understood the situation and would no longer criticize Haillie tool for teachers , would believe Hallie once Maya stopped hiding items, thought Hallie was trying to make excuses for herself,
She hides from Maya and waits for Maya to find her., She confides in Kathy and receives reassurance from her., She apologizes to Kathy and proves she can keep the pool clean., She observes Maya%27s behavior and find Maya%27s collection of items.,
carefree, determined, fearful, lazy,
came out, disappeared, floated on, learned,