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Rock Cycle Review

1. quiz generator How is an igneous rock formed?
By heat and pressure., When lava cools., When sediment is deposited and compressed over time., By weathering.
2. class web page Which is true about how rocks can change from one type to another?
Igneous can only become sedimentary., Rocks cannot change from one type to another., Only metamorphic rocks can change., Any type of rock can change to another through the rock cycle.
3. Which is a list of metamorphic rocks?
marble, serpentine, slate, basalt, obsidian, granite, conglomerate, sandstone, limestone, marble, obsidian, limestone
4. Which of the following describes weathering?
When sediment is deposited in a new location., When bits of broken rock are carried by wind, water, or ice., When rock is broken into bits by water or plant roots., When heat and pressure change a rock.
5. Which of the following describes erosion?
When bits of broken rock are carried by water, wind, or ice., When rock is worn down by people and animals. results , When rock breaks into bits which become sediment., When sediment is compacted over time.
6. Which of these lines from the Rock Cyle Rock chant is complete?
Break, Drop, Squeeze, Bake, Break, Move, Drop, Squeeze, Crack, Move, Squeeze, Bake, Compact, Break, Move, Drop, Compact, Bake
7. Which type of rock might be found near a volcano?
Conglomerate, Obsidian, Sandstone, Slate
8. In which type of rock are you most likely to find fossils?
Metamorphic Rock, Igneous Rockweb page, Sedimentary Rock, All of the Above
9. educational activities Which two types of rocks might have a layered appearance?
Metamorphic and Sedimentary, Igneous and Sedimentary, Metamorphic and Igneous, All of the above