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1. This stage/phase of Anesthesia is from initial administration of an anesthetic agent to the loss of conciousness.
Topical, Regional, Plexus , General,
2. The following agents are considered for use in Regional anesthesia.
Tetracaine , Bupivicain, Procain, Diazapam,
3. During Intubation, the anesthesia provider asks you to assist him to prevent stomach acid from entering the trachea. What will you do to assist him?
Provide reassurance, Provide warm sheets, Have suction available, Have NPO ready,
4. During Intubation, what is one thing you as the Scrub Tech can do to provide assistance to the anesthesia provider?
Provide suction, Provide cricoid pressure, Provide a gastic tube, Provide warm blankets,
5. From the list below, identify an anti-cholinergenic that assists in keeping the heart rate normal
Antropine, Cimetidine crossword maker , Famotidine, Promethazine,
6. The stages of anesthesia in order are amnesia excitment surgical-anesthesia overdose.
Face mask, Trachea Mask, Larengeal Mask (LMA), Endotracheal tube (ET),
7. __________is a rare hyperbolic crissis triggered by anesthesia agents that can lead to death.
Endotracheal Tube (ET), Beir Block online quizzes , General Anesthesia Tube (GAT), Spinal Block,
8. This stage/phase of anesthesia is when loss of conciousness occurs, intubation takes place and absolute quiet must be kept; no noise.
Spinal Block, Beir Block, Epidural , Dural Block (DB),
9. Choose from the list of Regional delivery techniques the technique that is injected around the dura matter of the spinal cord.
Amnesia Stage, Delerium Stage, Induction Phase, Maintenance Phase,
10. During an anesthesia emergency the anesthesia provider asks for dantrolene; This would indicate that the patient is experiencing #
Emrgence, Delerium, Induction, Overdose,
11. During a procedure the anesthesia provider says that the patient will be given General Anesthesia. Knowing this what device will he need?
undefined, undefined, undefined, undefined,
12. # Anesthesia is given when the paatient will be unconcious and the muscles are completely reelaxed and breathing is regulated by anesthesia.
Laryngospasms, Aspiration, Malignant Hyperthermia, Malignant Heypothermia,
13. The anesthesia provider needs something to maintain the patients airway. He turns to you and asks you %22 Can you get the mask that fits over the trachea and forms a seal when the cuff is inflated%22? What type of mask are you going to get him?
Severe Bronchospasm, Malignant Hyperthermia, Cardiac Arrest, Hypothermia,