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Cardiac Muscle Tissue, Hypertrophy, Aponeurosis, Smooth Muscle Tissue, Prime Mover, Skeletal Muscle Tissue, Atrophy, Antagonists, Origin language , Fascia, Twitch Contraction, Muscle tone (tonus) dynamic quiz , Synergists interactive , Insertion, Tetanic Contraction, Tendon,

Found in the walls of hollow internal organs (lacks striations), Muscle tissue decreases in size, Found only in the heart (striated), Forceful and sustained, lacks even partial relaxation class web page , Even when a muscle is at rest, part remains contracted, Lasts only a fraction of a second, Broad fibrous tissue which attaches adjacent muscles, The less movable end of a muscle, usually proximal, Found in muscles that are usually attached to bones (striated), Can resist the movement of a prime mover, Layers of fibrous connective tissue, Muscle tissue increases in size, Aid the prime movers in doing desired action, The more movable end of a muscle, usually distal, Fibrous connective tissue that connects muscle to bone, Responsible for most of a movement, or desired action,