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Decree, Madame Schachter, Akiba Drummer, Anti-Semitic, Optimism, Eliezer, Chlomo, Melancholy, Synagogue, Pillage, Rabbi, Truncheons, Exterminate, Moishe the Beadle, Deportee, Scarcely,

to kill or destroy completely , a feeling of hope or cheerfulness, hardly; barely, sad, gloomy, unhappy; n. sadness, gloominess, Eliezer%27s teacher of Jewish mysticism; poor Jew educational games , Jewish woman from Sighet who is in same cattle car as Eliezer, to rob of goods by open force, The narrator of Night create online activities , Jewish Holocaust victim who loses his faith in God, Eliezer%27s father online , Jewish place of worship, an order or a command, a short stick carried by the police, anti-Jew; against the Jewish people, spiritual leader of a Jewish congregation activity , someone who is sent out of the country by authority,