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Cells and Tissue

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hyaline elastic fibrocartilage, Cntains many collagenous fibers, shock absorber, LCT, Adipose, Fibrous, cartlige,bone, blood, Loose Connective Tissue (areolar), filles spaces, stores fat, produces, bloods cells, Flexible, more elastic fibers than hyaline, binds structures, provides support, serves as framework, f, two or more layers of cells, stacked, Fibroblasts, adiose cells, immune sells, Single layer of cells, diffusion and filtration , Intervertebral disks, pubic symphysis, Cilia, flagella, Nucleus, Intercellur material compesed of CT Fibers , Group of simular cells that perform a specialized function, matrix (living Material) that organelles are found, carries nutrients and gases to and from cells of the body, Meosis, Mitosis, Cytokinesis Differentiation, Holds small nerves and blod vessels,fills space btw organ, Cells and fibers in semi-fluid ground substance, Epithelial Connective Muscular Nervous, Most comon- Ends of bones, soft part of nose, Most abaondant and widely distributed tissue in the body, Protects,Secrection, Absorption,Excretion, Sensory, closely packed, thick, collagenous, fine network fibers, Binds body parts together Ligament %26 Tendon, harnes due to minerals(Ca and Ph) also cont collagen fibers, Fibers- collagen, elastic, ground, Surrounds the outermost limit of cell. gatekeeper, Stratified and simple, Centrosome, Mitochondria, Ribosome,ER, Gogli,lysosome, Forms membranes that cover and lines hollow organs, Extracellular fluid called plasma,RBC, WBC, Platellets educational activities ,