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Audio Vocabulary (P)

This is a PRACTICE activity type. You may do this as many times necessary to get 100%25!

amplitude, decibels, sound waves, input source, audio, volume, track, duration, pitch, .wav files, trim a clip, megahertz, stereo, frequency, mono web 2.0 , mute, .mp3,

having to do with sound, compressed audio file type (small), another word for pitch, a double output, non-compressed audio file type (very large), a single output, one complete sound sample in a timeline crossword maker , another word for volume, make a sound or track silent, how long a sound lasts, how high or low a sound is, how sound frequency or pitch is measured, delete some of a sound sample, how sound volume is measured, how loud a sound is, Air molecules compress to form waves of pressure, where sound comes from when you record language ,