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Wound Healing

Interrupted Stitch, Class III wounds, Evisceration online quizzes , First Intention, Inflammatory Phase, Proliferative Phase, Third Intention, Hypertrophic scars, Continuous Stitch, Class IV wounds, Contractures, Secondary Intention, Dehiscence, Class II wounds, Maturation Phase online activities , Class I wounds,

Dirty and infected wounds infection rate 27-40%25, Starts almost immediately after injury, Scars that reduce or prevent movement of joint, Wound closed with sutures or staples with minimal scarring, Clean wounds, infection rate 1-5%25, Clean-contaminated wounds infection rate 8-11%25, Fastest and easiest stitch, if it breaks the whole wound may open, Wound left open for a few days and then closed, Begins approximately 2-4 weeks after injury, Wound seperation, Wound left open to heal from the inside out due to lose of tissue, Protrusion of the viscera through the incision, Begins within a few hours of injury, One stitch may break without compromising the entire suture line, Excessive scarring due to too much tension on wound, Contaminated wounds infection rate 15-20%25,