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OxWord B/19A/1 Describing clothes

Wybierz właściwe tłumaczenie.

1. krótki
short, loose, small, smart
2. tani
cheap, tight jeans, comfortable, long
3. drogi
expensive, smart, casual, long
4. elegancki
smart, comfortable, loose, expensive
5. matching excercise swobodny
casual, tight quiz generator , smart, uncomfortable
6. mały
small, tight, long, comfortable
7. duży
large, loose, tight jeans, expensive
8. distant learning wygodny
comfortable, tight, tight jeans, smart
9. niewygodny
uncomfortable, long, large, cheap
10. wąski
tight, long, loose, large
11. luźny
loose, small, smart clothes, casual
12. długa spódnica
a long skirt, cheap, casual, small
13. wąskie dżinsy
tight jeans, a loose shirt, tight, large
14. luźna koszula
a loose shirt, smart clothes, uncomfortable, a long skirt
15. eleganckie ubrania
smart clothes, a long skirt, casual, comfortable