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Unit Two - Industrialization/Immigration Vocabulary

Angel Island, Mass Production, Cartel, Chinese Exclusion Act, Melting Pot, Haymarket Riot, Corporation, Homestead Act, Ellis Island print quizzes , Eugene V. Debs, Assimilate matching excercise , John D. Rockefeller, Jacob Riis school , Bessemer Process, %22New%22 Immigrant, AFL (American Federation of Labor), Knights of Labor, Monopoly, Tenement, Sweatshop english , Sherman Anti-Trust Act, Collective Bargaining, Trusts, Gilded Age, Pullman Strike, Andrew Carnegie, Laissez Faire Economics, Urbanization,

Method for making steel more efficient, Exclusive control by one company in a given business market, Employers negotiate to labor unions about hours/wages, American industrialist who founded Standard Oil Co., Factory where workers work long hours at low wages, To be %22absorbed%22 into mainstream American culture, A society with a great diversity of cultures and races , Ownership group that that has limited liability in a business, An 1882 law prohibiting immigration of Chinese laborers, The absent of gov%27t control over private business, Time period that looked good on outside but had ton of corruption online activities , Immigration station on west coast for Asian immigrants , Process of making quantities of goods quickly and cheaply, Southern and Eastern European immigrants multiple choice questions , Immigration station for immigrants arriving in U.S., Expansion of cities due to industrialization, 1st effort to create a national labor union for many workers, 1862 law that gave 160 acres of land to citizens, A group of corporations run by a Board of Directors, Low income apartments for factory works/immigrants, Group of producers limit supply to drive market price up, Industrial leader of steel industry learning , Labor union for %22skilled workers%22 in a specific trade, Leader of the ARU and leader of Pullman Strike , 1890 law banning any trust/monopoly from forming quiz , Muckraker who exposed living conditions - slums in NY City, 1886 labor related protest in Chicago ending in deadly violence, 1894 railway workers strike in Chicago that turned violent,