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Principles of American Democracy Vocabulary

Bicameral, Direct Democracy, Monarchy, Montesquieu, Federalism, Articles of Confederation, Salutary Neglect, Great Compromise, Magna Carta, Populuar Sovereignty, John Locke educational activities , Republic, Anti-Federalists, Federalists, Rule of Law, Checks %26 Balances, Mercantilism, Social Contract Theory, Declaration of Independence,

Rep. Democracy where citizens choose lawmakers, Enlightenment philosopher = Separation of Powers, Economic theory where a country restricts trade export%3eimport, A select group vote firsthand and represent majority educational games , Form of gov%27t power is shared between state %26 national gov%27t, Each branch of gov%27t is able to limit the powers of other branch, English document that limited King%27s power activity , Enlightenment philosopher who developed idea of Natural Rights, Everyone is expected to follow the law, Avoiding enforcement of Parliament laws on colonists, First form of government in U.S; Gave power to state gov%27ts, Letter written by colonists stating their frustrations with King, Favored the Constitution; Wanted a strong, central gov%27t, The notion that power lies with the people, Two House Legislature = Senate %26 House of Rep%27s, Agreement among people in a society with the government, Agreement providing a bicameral legislative branch grading , Government ruled by a King/Queen crossword maker , Favored the AOC; Wanted to give more power to state gov%27ts,