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Three Functions

Place the correct description in the correct category.

Linear, Exponential, Quadratic, Neither,

u-shaped, 3x%2b4y=12, y=3x^2%2b5x%2b2, save time f(x)= 3x %2b 6, curves and flatlines, y=5^x, degree of 2, p(t) = 3(6)^t, online quizzes diagonal line, generate answer keys y=ab^x, y=ax^2%2bbx%2bc, y(x)= 4x%2b 5x^2, slanted line, y=mx%2bb, Leading coefficient is %22a%22, y= x^2, horizontal line, class page AX%2bBy=C, has an exponent of 2, parabola, vertical line, y=4-3x, y=5x^2%2b10x^3 %2b 5, interactive learning sort of L-shaped, y=4x, degree of 1, save time exponent is a variable, not a function, y=10, y=6^m, activity y=7x%2b9, x=10,