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Age of Exploration

Francis Drake, Columbian Exchange, Gold, Glory, God tool for teachers , Middle Passage, Enclave, Jacques Cartier, Treaty of Tordesillas, Francisco Pizarro, Creoles printable , Prince Henry, Hernan Cortez, Shogun, Vasco da Gama, Ferdinand Magellanweb page, Viceroys, Encomienda,

Conquistador who destroyed the Maya and Aztecs crossword maker , A portion of territory surrounded by a larger territory, Established %26 sponsored navigational schools, French explorer who was looking for a passage through N. Am., Movement of Slaves from Africa to the Americas, Portuguese explorer who circumnavigated the globe, 1st Englishman to circumnaviagte the globestimulate your students , Conquistador who destroyed the Incan civilization, 1st European to sail from Portugal to India, Children of European ancestry born in the colonies, Treaty where Spain %26 Portugal divided the world interactive , Spanish system of coerced labor. Similar to Feudalism, The movement of goods between the Old %26 New Worlds, Spanish colonial governors in the New World, Military leader of Japan, The main motives for exploration,