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Vocabulary # 8 and Review # 7

Continue until you recieve a score of 100%25 at least once. Good Luck and have fun!

outlandish computer assisted language learning , stifle, allure, alibi, astray, primp, neglect, notorious, levitate, rowdy, putrid, lurch, jovial, suave, engima english , escapade,

something to prove that it was not your fault , a daring and exciting adventure, happy and cheerful, gone missing while it was on its way somewhere, well known for something bad, noisy and rough and may end up causing trouble, charming, polite, and elegant but may not be sincere, sudden, jerky movement foward, failing to take care of something crossword maker , being picky about how you look mix questions , having a way that is attractive and exciting, appearing to rise and float in the air without any support, forcing something to stop, rotten and awful smelling teacher , mysterious and difficult to understand, weird and unlikely to happen,