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Properties of Metals, Nonmetals, %26 Metalloids TEST

Some of the multiple choice questions will one answer, some will have more than one answer. Click all that apply.

1. Silver makes a agreat insulator because it can easily allow heat and electricity to pass through it.
corrosion.jpg, , improve results ,
2. Which are properties of metals? (Click all that apply.)
3. Which element is a nonmetal?
TRUE, FALSE learning , ,
4. Which of the following is an antonym of luster?
statue of liberty.jpg, , ,
5. Nearly all metals are solid at room temperature.
copper, silver, aluminum, carbon,
6. The Statue of Liberty gets its green color from corrosion.
ductility, malleability, corrosion, nonmetal,
7. Nonmetals are ____.
CopperWire-1.jpg, web tool , ,
8. _______are excellent insulators of heat and electricity.
copper, wood, silver, rubber,
9. Which TWO properties are represented in the picture of the copper below?
malleabllity, luster , corrosion, conductor of electricity,
10. Silicon is a _____ and a______that is used in computer chips and other electronics.
bent copper.jpg, , ,
12. A group of elements that could possibly be dull or shiny, may or may not be malleable, and are semiconductors.
ductile., brittle., malleable, more common than metals.,
Metals, Nonmetals, Metalloids, Noble Gases,
15. Mark ALL of the elements that would make good conductors.
silicon, lead, carbon, copper,
Oxygen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Iron,
17. Which of the following can reflect heat?
metal and conductor, metalloid and insulator online activities , metal and semiconductor, metalloid and semiconductor,
18. Gold, aluminum, and carbon are examples of metals that are ductile and malleable.
Metals, Nonmetals, Metalloids, Semiconductors,
19. Which statement is false?
shine, reflection, dulless, shimmer,
20. Which are properties of nonmetals? (Click all that apply.)
Corrosion occurs when metals combine with nonmetals from the envvironment., An example of corrosion would be when iron rusts and flakes away., Some metals, like aluminum, are actually coated with oxygen to help prevent corrosion., Copper does not corrode. Instead, it turns into a greenish, flaky substance.,
21. Which vocabulary term is best represented by the picture shown?
22. The properties of metals and nonmetals are generally opposites.
insulators, ductility, malleablity, conductors,
23. Which vocabulary word best describes the picture shown?
semiconductors, insulators, brittle, luster,