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Unit 6 Vocabulary

1. create online quizzes What does COPS stand for?
conclusion, order, prove, stop, conclusion, organization, pencil, see, capitalization overall appearance punctuation spelling, copy, observe, alter, press
2. A person with similar education and experience as you is called your:
friend, neighbor, brother, peer
3. What does ARMS stand for?
add, remove, move, substitute, allow, revise, middle, stop, add, read, maybe, super, able, ready, mighty, super
4. What term means that you have changed your thesis for your conclusion?
thesis again, reworded thesis, thesis, part 2, this is my real thesis
5. When a paper gives the reader something to think about, it is:
real, thought-provoking, annoying, a good try
6. What is it called when you make corrections based on grammar and spelling?
revise, understand, edit, perfect