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The Outsiders Vocabulary Chapters 4-6

unceasingly, imploringly online education , indignant, reformatory create online tests , bewilderment, apprehensive , eluded , groggy, surveyed , contemptuously results history , hysterics , defeated help students assimilate material , reluctantly, mimicked , defiance, tangle ,

to come into conflict; to fight or argue, fit of uncontrollable laughing or weeping , without stopping; continuing, copied someone%27s speech english , state of confusion or disorientation, expressing disdain; scornfully, begging urgently; piteously, expressing strong displeasure at something unjust, dazed or weakened from lack of sleep , Institution for reforming young offenders, bold resistance to authority, unwillingly; with resistance learning , escaped understanding, conquered; crushed, examined; looked at; inspected , uneasy or fearful about something that might happen,