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Age of Industry Cities and Businessmen Quiz B

Collective bargaining, Boston, Chicago print quizzes , AFL, sweatshops, Philanthropist, Horizontal Integration, New York, Strike, Pittsburgh, George Pullman%27s workers made these., Sherman Anti-trust Act, Horatio Alger, Steve Jobs, Los Angeles, Vertical integration,

The Brooklyn Bridge connected workers to this city., Andrew Carnegie helped make this city great., Largest city on the US west coast today., A person who helps others by donations of money., The first %22skyscraper%22 of 10 stories was built here., American Federation of Labor, He wrote stories of %22rags to riches%22 characters., Method used by workers that often turned violent., Used by factory workers to get higher wages., Owning many firms in the same type of business., Hot, dark workshouses- workers have 12 hour days., Railroad sleeper cars. web tool , Owning all parts of a company%27s supply chain., Passed in 1890 to outlaw huge companies., This city built the first subway line., Founder of Apple and Pixar crossword maker ,