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Age of Industry Cities and Businessmen Quiz B

Pittsburgh, Horizontal Integration, New York, Steve Jobs, Chicago, Horatio Alger, George Pullman%27s workers made these., AFL create online activities , Los Angeles, Boston, Strike, Collective bargaining, Philanthropist, Sherman Anti-trust Act assess performance , sweatshops, Vertical integration,

Largest city on the US west coast today., A person who helps others by donations of money., Owning many firms in the same type of business., Hot, dark workshouses- workers have 12 hour days., American Federation of Labor, Andrew Carnegie helped make this city great., Owning all parts of a company%27s supply chain., Founder of Apple and Pixar, This city built the first subway line., The Brooklyn Bridge connected workers to this city., The first %22skyscraper%22 of 10 stories was built here., He wrote stories of %22rags to riches%22 characters., Method used by workers that often turned violent., Used by factory workers to get higher wages. online quizzes , Railroad sleeper cars., Passed in 1890 to outlaw huge companies.,