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A2-MAY 2015

1. The ‘hole’ in a golf course is ____.
on the fairway, near the tee e-learning , in middle of the green,
2. One place a player tries not to go is the ____.
green, sand, tee,
3. Most people play ____ in each match.
one hole, nine holes, 18 holes,
4. ____ have a score of about three for each hole.
Champions, Most people results history , Average players,
5. Golf is a good game for people ____.
who like to stay indoors, who prefer fast action, of almost any age,
6. Scotland is in the northern part of the UK.
B, A grading , D, C
7. Boys and girls can become golf champions.
B, D, E, C
8. You can play golf or just watch a match.
D, C, A, E
9. If the ball falls into sand, it can be hard to get out.
B, D, A, C
10. Lin, the new secretary in the headmaster’s office, sat at her desk. It was her first day at __ and she was reading her Job Description
A. working , work, works,
11. printable The headmaster had told her __ it when she had finished.
to sign , signing, signs,
12. activity Lin had never seen __ before, but it seemed like a good idea.
some, other, one,
13. The job description said __ she had to do:
where, what, this,
14. answer the phone, type letters and keep the list of students and __ marks.
they, their, them,
15. Each day, she had to arrive at 8 a.m. and work __ 4 p.m
until, under, before,
16. She had one hour each day for lunch and her __ was €11,000 a year.
money, price, salary,
17. When Lin gave the paper back to the headmaster, she asked why he __ it.
to need, needing, needed,
18. The headmaster said he and the teachers __ had job descriptions.
also, every, and,
19. If someone didn’t __ a good job, he could tell them how to improve.
take, do, give,
20. Dru: Hi, Pat. About the play at the theatre tonight. Pat: ____
B, F, A, C
21. Dru: By car. My dad said he’d drive us there. Pat: ____
D, A, C, B
22. Dru: Well, the play starts at half past eight. Pat: ____
C, E, F, A
23. Dru: Earlier, I think. We have to buy our tickets. Pat: ____
B, E, F, C
24. Dru: That sounds good. We can pick you up at 7. Pat: ____
E, A, D, C
25. Part 2:
D, E, F, C
26. Part 3:
B, D, A, C
27. Part 4:
D, F, G, E
28. Part 5:
C, E, D, B
29. Part 6:
F, C, A, G
30. The Chairperson:
B interactive , C, F, A
31. The Secretary:
B, A, E, F
32. matching excercise The Treasurer:
C, D, A, B
33. The Events Planner:
C, D, E, F
34. interactive The Advisor:
C, D, E, F