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Psych 2050 Chapter 17:Late Adulthood Physical %26 Cognitive Deve

Match the term with the definition by placing the domino with the term next to the one with its definition.

average life expectancy generate answer keys , rheumatoid arthritis, cataracts, fraility, secondary aging, Alzheimer%27s disease, primary aging, functional age, associated memory deficit, assisted living, selective optimization with compensation educational activities , terminal decline, macular degeneration teaching , wisdom, compression of morbidity, implicit memory, cerebrovascular dementia, type 2 diabetes, 0steoarthritis, activities of daily living,

weakened functioning of organs and body systems, as energy declines,chosing fewer,but more valued activities, expertise in the conduct mand meaning of life, the basic self-care tasks required to live on one%27s own, the # of yrs an individual can expect to live, a series of strokes which reduce mental ability , declines due to hereditary defects %26 poor environment, difficulty retrieving %26 creating information links, acceleration in loss of cognitive functioning prior to death, results from lack of produced insulin or insensitivty to it class page , home-like housing with health care for seniors , vision blurs as light sensitive cells in retina break down , description of actual competence and performance, autoimmune response causing painful, deformed joints quiz builder , biological aging that affects all members of our species , cloudy areas in the lens of the eye resulting in foggy vision , results when the cartilelage on ends of bones deteriorates, decreasing the period of ill health before death, A chemical and structural deterioration of the brain., memory without conscious awareness,