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Encryption and Cyber Security

1. Where is encryption most used?
Internet, Banks, Newspaper, Bus stop
2. Identity theft is huge issue, how can encryption help?
By using encryption we can stop identity theft, we can better protect our personal information, we can catch the people stealing identities, encryption cannot help
3. What is a cipher text?
its was to change position of the letters and assign test , its a simple text file, microsoft word , font name
4. Who used cipher text
Julious Ceaser, Bill gates, google, barclays
5. What is used to encryption data on the internet?
binary, numbers, code, html
6. If you have used the internet at home for shopping what should you do after?
log out from the website and clear browser history, leave the computer its fine., Log out of the computer, check what else you can buy
7. What are internet cookies?
Small file you save from each website to show where you been, tracking file, virus, spyware
8. What do internet encryption need to be decrypted?
public and private key, secret code, maths, internet
9. If a website asks you to sign up before using it what should you do?
Sign up, Leave it and ask your guardians, Sign up temporarily , Ask an IT specialist
10. print quizzes If A becomes E and B becomes F what is C?
G, J, O, U
11. How often should you change your password?
When we remember, Once a Month, Not often, Once a year
12. If you are using facebook on a public WIFI what should you do once your done?
Nothing multiple choice questions , Disk clean up, Log out, Lock phone
13. Which of these you should never share online?
Name, National Insurance Number, address, post code
14. Which is more secure?
ftp, http improve results , https, udp
15. Where your data encrypted?
On your computer before leaving the browser save time , on a server, on a disk, on the internet
16. If A becomes E and B becomes F what is E?
I, H, F, T
17. Which of the statement is true?
A virus cannot spread to other systems, A virus can spread to other devices such as mobile and PC, A virus can spread to other systems as long they are the PC, A virus can spread only to Mobile phones
18. Cyber Bullying is a serious issue because -
It can take harm young adults, it can cost money, It can be used for other purpose, its not dangerous
19. educational activities If an email is sent to your with a attachment to it and you don%27t know the sender what should you do?
Open it it can be something important, Delete the message from the email inbox, Save the email so you can open it later, Don%27t do anything
20. If you believe you are being bullied online, what should you do?
Speak to no one, Speak to your friends, Speak to Tutor, Speak to your parents
21. What is binary numbers?
its a combination of 0 and 1 numbers that CPU uses, its a programming measure of numbers, Its a computer code, it represents numbers from 0 to 9
22. How often should you check your Antivirus if its running and updated
Daily, Everytime I start the computer, Every Week, Every Month
23. How often should you defrag the computer?
When it seems to have slowed down, Daily, Weekly, When its possible or when we have the time to run it
24. How does viruses spread through the system
it multiplies and copies itself through out the system, it spies on the system, it will crush the core of the system, it will disable everything on the system first
25. Which windows updates are more important
Windows 7, WIndows 8, Windows 8.1, All of them
26. Why do we need a firewall?
To keep hackers from accessing the system, To keep the computer clean, To keep the system running, To keep viruses out of the system
27. Why do we need disk cleaner?
To clear browser history and temporary files class page , To clear viruses, To clear worms and spyware, To fix Windows Registry