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Term Variety - Jeffersonian Era - Unit Four - Matching

Please complete activity until earning 100%25 at least once.

Washington Proclamation (Native Americans), squatters, gander pulling, midwives who practiced midwifery, Tariff of 1816, Albert Gallatin, James Fenimore Cooper short answer questions , Rush-Bagot Treaty, impeachment, Treaty of Ghent, cotton gin, wildcat banks, war hawks, death of Federalist Party, Washington Irving activity , Tecumseh and the Prophet, Cumberland Road, Adams-Onis Treaty, Law of Baron and Femme, Noah Webster,

crude practice representing tough life of mountain men, 1790%27s invention led to crop catching on in Deep South , 1816 Election plus reaction to Hartford Convention crossword maker , Jefferson Sec. of Treasury who supported paying national debt, -also known as Florida Purchase -Spain gave up Oregon claims, New York writer / Rip Van Winkle / Legend of Sleepy Hollow, state financial institutions with reckless practices, asked that Native Americans and their land be respected, supported aggression against British %26 territorial gain, New York writer who popularized American history through novels, individuals living on land which they didn%27t own / frequent in West, assisted in childbirth / began to lose jobs to doctors, House charges judge or president with a crime, legal principle outlining limited female rights in marriage, government legislation to protect American industry , major pathway through Western Maryland to West, War of 1812 peace agreement , Shawnee who organized resistance to displacement, standardized American spelling and word usage, Britain and US limited naval armaments on Great Lakes,