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Short Term or Long Term Financial Goal??

Short Term Goal, Long Term Goal, group_name3, group_name4,

Saving 5 years for a down payment for a house, Saving 3 months for a new smart phone, Saving 4 months for a new dress, build your own quiz Saving 25 years for retirement, Saving 2 years to buy a four wheeler, Saving 6 months for a weekend beach vacation, Saving 3 years for a wedding, Saving 2 months for a pair of jeans, Saving 18 months for a new set of car tires, class website Saving 3 months for a new outfit, Saving 8 months for a WII gaming system, Saving 4 months for tickets to a concert, Saving 4 years for a new roof, Saving 11 months for a new Ipad, Saving 4 years to buy a motorcycle, Saving 14 months to buy a new bedroom set, Saving 10 months for tickets to the ACC tournament, Saving 7 months to buy your yearbook, Saving 5 months for a sound system for your car, Saving 3 months to buy your Valentine a dozen roses, Saving 8 months to buy a sound system for your car, Saving 9 months to buy a snowboard, Saving 2 years for a Caribbean cruises, Saving 3 months for a new ski outfit,