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Identity Theft

1. How many people are victims of identity theft every day in the UK?
1 every hour grading , 1 every day, 1 every minute, 1 every 3 seconds
2. When a website asks for your personal information what should you do?
Give it, read it then give information, Check validity of website then give it. , Ask permission from adults and double check
3. What should you not do on facebook?
talk to strangers and share personal information, block friends, talk and share songs, talk to friends
4. Why is it dangerous to use instagram as a public app?
It shows your pictures to strangers, it saves you picture, effects dont look good, its saves your pictures on their server.
5. Which information should you never share online?
you DOB, national insurance number and address, you ID number, bank card number and house number, you first and last name, your parents names, your address and internet provider address.
6. If you think you are a victim of online identity fraud what should you do?
be extra safe online and try not to sign up to anything, call the police and report the crime, take lessons on how to prevent it, all the above
7. if a website you haven%27t been before asks you must sign up before you can see their content what should do?
Go back dont sign up, sign up distance learning , sign up temporarily, hack the website
8. You have take a picture outside you local mcdonals and shared it on facebook as public. What are the dangers in this situation?
Someone can pin point your location, some one can use this picture as their pc wallpaper, some one will come join you for lunch, your friends will like it on facebook.
9. You should check with your parents before you?
open the mail, sign up to a website, talk to friends, come to college
10. How can you be safe buying stuff from online stores?
verify that you have money first, verify that shop of legit and check feedback from other users, dont buy anything from anywhere, use pay pal
11. When should you share your phone number with a stranger?
Never under any circumstances, Stranger now friend later, Emergency, after few weeks
12. language you have recieved an email from your bank it says to renew your password. What should you do
open email, go to website and enter the details, delete email and contact the bank, open email and read thoroughly, delete email and forget it.
13. quiz generator Which one of the following you should NEVER share online
National Insurance Number, Date of Birth, Full Name, Full Address
14. You get an email stating you won a prize online. You should
Go claim the prize, Ask an adult for advice and delete the email. , Dont tell anyone its yours so go get it, Ponder
15. Some one is bothering you on facebook, twitter, instagram or on whatsapp what can you do?
Contact the authorities and get them blocked from contacting you grading , Contact your parents and change your number or account, Contact the website and wait, complaint
16. build your own quiz Why should you check your bank account frequently?
everything is in order and nothing is missing, numbers are important, check if you got the right statement, you shouldn%27t check often.
17. When SHOULD you share your pictures with strangers?
Never under any circumstances educational games , Few weeks, Stranger now friends later, Sometimes if it feels right
18. Some random email comes to you with an attachment that says report or invoice or something. What should you do?
Mark as spam and delete it ASAP, open it, it could be important, check the email anyways, download the attachment do a virus scan
19. A friend online asks you to share your user name and password with them because they are locked out what should you do?
Refuse, give in, delete pictures and then share, tell them you can help