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IC3: Protecting Computer Hardware from Theft or Damage

1. To limit the portability of a desktop or notebook computer, what device can be installed and attached to the computer?
Bezel lock, Cable lock, Biometric access, Infrared motion detector
2. Which of the following provides the lowest-level software lock on a PC?
Document password, Login password, BIOS password, Network password
3. Which of the following options can be used on a Windows XP or Windows Vista system to lock the system?
CTRL-ALT-DEL, Windows Logo key and L, rund1132.exe user32.d11, Lock WorkStation, Start Run Lockup
4. Which of the following can pose a threat to or damage a PC?
Smoke and Fire, Airborne effluents, High or low humidity, All of the above
5. Airborne effluents can include which of the following?
Dust, Airborne particles, Chemical mist, All of the above
6. What environmental condition(s) can potentially damage a PC system when it exists in a high or low extreme?
Humidity, Heat/Cold, Static Electricity, Air Flow
7. What is/are the common name(s) of an over-voltage electrical event?
Brownout, Blackout, Power surge, Power Spike
8. Line noise on an electrical line is most likely caused by?
EMI or RFI, Electrical equipment on the same circuit, Fluorescent lighting, Under-demand for electricity on a circuit
9. An intentional reduction in voltage across an entire electrical grid is commonly known as?
Blackout, Brownout results history , Power sag, Power surge
10. Power protection devices that can be used with a PC to protect against electrical events include which of the following?
Surge suppressor, Line conditioner, UPS, All of the above