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IC3: Maintaining %26 Troubleshooting Computer Systems

1. What PC hardware-related problems are commonly caused by poor maintenance?
Poor system case cooling and ventilation, Slow hard disk performance, Power supply degradation, All of the above
2. Which of the following preventative maintenance actions can be performed by a PC’s user?
Cleaning the PC’s exterior, Virus Scanning, Replacing faulty memory, Checking the cable connections inside the system case
3. What devices or components should only be maintained or replaced by a computer professional?
Power supply, Microprocessor, Memory, Keyboard
4. Which of the following is not one of the recommended steps in a troubleshooting procedure?
Identify the symptoms of the problem, Reproduce the problem, Replace component that is closest to the power supply, Diagnose each possible cause and isolate the likely cause
5. What valuable source of information should be maintained to assist troubleshooting and diagnostic actions in the future?
Manufacturer’s documentation, Manufacturer’s Web sites, A written maintenance log, Computer technician’s experience
6. educational activities What major component of a PC is likely the best place to start troubleshooting an unidentified PC hardware problem?
The hard disk drive, RAM, CPU, Power supply
7. Which of the following are symptoms that the CPU may be failing?
The PC boots but displays an error code, The operating system starts but displays an error code, The PC locks up after a few minutes of operation, A high-pitched sound is emanating from inside the system case.
8. When do a majority of RAM problems occur?
After new memory is installed, After an electrical storm, When the memory is more than one year old, When changes are made to the BIOS configuration
9. crossword maker What device should a computer professional use to check a PC power supply for proper voltage?
Screwdriver, Multimeter, ESD Strap, None of the above
10. What information is not relevant when verifying the knowledge and experience of a computer technical professional?
Certifications, References, Location, Warranties