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The Hound of the Baskervilles

Choose the correct option; read carefully the information.

1. Sir Hugo carried away the daughter of the farmer because
his friend was in love with her., he wanted to frighten her father., he was in love with her., he wanted her to work for him
2. online learning games The old man on the moors was very frightened because
he saw a giant hound running next to Sir Hugo., he saw the hounds running after the girl., he saw Sir Hugo was very cruel and wicked., he saw Sir Hugo%27s drunken friends.
3. Sir Hugo%27s friends began to believe what the old man said when
they arrived at the edge of a deep valley., they saw the girl lying on the ground., they saw Sir Hugo%27s horse without Sir Hugo on it., they saw the hound tear out Sir Hugo%27s throat.
4. Sir Hugo Baskerville wrote to his sons to tell them
something about local history., why they should not kidnap farm girls., why they should not walk across the moors at night., a good story.
5. According to the newspaper article Sir Charles died because
he was a wicked man., he had walked out on the moor late at night., he smoked too many cigars., he had a weak heart.
6. Dr Mortimer came to 221B Baker Street __________ Holmes for some advice.
in order to avoid, in order to ask, in order to take, in order to read
7. Dr Mortimer pulled the papers out of his pocket _____ them to Holmes.
in order to take, in order to find, in order to read, in order to smoke
8. language The daughter of the farmer jumped out of the window ___________ from Sir Hugo.
in order to escape, in order to read, in order to find, in order to avoid
9. Sir Hugo went to the girl%27s farm when her family were away _________ her away.
in order to find , in order to read online learning games , in order to smoke , in order to take
10. Sir Hugo rode out into the moor .... the girl.
in order to find, in order to smoke, in order to read, in order to avoid
11. The Baskervilles never cross the moors at night __________ the huge hound.
in order to take, in order to ask, in order to smoke, in order to avoid
12. Sir Charles took a walk along the Yew Alley ________________ a cigar.
in order to smoke, in order to read, in order to find, in order to ask
13. Sir Charles believed that there was a huge, supernatural dog on the moors.
correct e-learning , incorrect, not said, ----
14. Sir Charles often went out at night to walk across the moors.
correct, incorrect, not said, ----
15. quiz generator Barrymore found a woman%27s footprints near Sir Charles body.
correct, incorrect, not said, ----
16. There are three entrances to the Yew Alley.
correct, incorrect, not said, ----
17. Dr Mortimer thinks that Sir Charles walked to the gate and then left it immediately.
correct, incorrect online quizzes , not said, ----
18. Dr Mortimer believes the stories about the huge hound on the moors.
correct, incorrect educational activities , not said, ----
19. Sir Charles walked on his toes to get away from something that frightened him.
correct, incorrect, not said, ----
20. What time did Dr Mortimer and Sir Henry Baskerville arrive at Holmes%27s flat?
eleven o%27clock, nine o%27clock, ten o%27clock, six o%27clock
21. What was Sir Henry like?
He was a tall, strong- looking man., He was a small, weak-looking man., He was tall, weak - looking man., He was a small, strong- looking man.
22. The letter said that Sir Henry%27s life was in danger.
in London., on the moors., in America., in South America.
23. What did Sir Henry lose in the hotel?
a shoe, his wallet, some luggage, a coat
24. The passenger in the taxi had
a blond beard., a red beard. , a large black moustache., a black beard.
25. What was Sir Henry%27s reaction when Holmes suggested that it could be too dangerous to go to Baskerville Hall?
he was happy, he was upset, he was anxious, he was not happy
26. What did Holmes do to see if Barrymore was in London?
He called the house., He sent an email to the house., He went to the house., He sent a telegram to the house.
27. quiz builder Who inherited most of Sir Charles%27s money?
Sir Henry, Sir Hugo, Sir Charles, Sir Rodger
28. Who was Sir Charles%27s second brother?
Sir Henry father, Sir Charles father, Sir Rodger uncle, Sir James cousin
29. Who will inherit Sir Henry%27s money if he dies?
Charles, Dr Mortimer, James Desmond, Rodger
30. Why couldn%27t Holmes come with Sir Henry to Baskerville Hall?
He had another case in London., He had flu., He had to buy a horse., He had to visit his mother.
31. Why did Holmes think that their enemy was very clever?
Because he said his name was Sir Henry., Because he said his name was Dr Watson., Because he said his name was Dr Mortimer., Because he said his name was Sherlock Holmes.
32. When Holmes first hears the story of Sir Hugo and the huge hounds the thinks that it
shows that God punishes the wicked and forgives the innocent., is a true story., shows how Sir Charles died., is a good story for frightening children.
33. The newspaper article says that Sir Charles died because
he had a weak heart., he was attacked by a huge hound., he was killed by Stapleton., he was punished for his wicked actions.