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Renaissance Sort

Utopia, humanism, The Prince, patrons, Machiavelli crossword maker , Leonardo da Vinci, Florence, Venice, Genoa, Michaelangelo, Sir Thomas More, Gutenberg, Petrarch, secular, The Praise of Folly, Crusades, usury, Erasmus,

Individual who wrote the Prince, Artist of the Last Supper %26 the Mona Lisa, Author who wrote The Praise of Folly, book that criticized the Church tool for teachers , the policy of lending money, a term meaning %22not religious%22, Farther of Humanism; wrote plays and sonnets, Invented the movable type printing press, Author of Utopia, book that describes how to obtain power, this event helped stimulate trade, Italian city states printable , Artist who painted the Sistine Chapel %26 the David, wealthy people who sponsored works of art, a philosophy that celebrates the individual teaching , book that describes the ideal society,