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Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinuses

Which two muscles form a mandibular sling?, Lateral pterygoid action, Medial Pterygoid, Frontal sinus innervation, Ethomoidal and sphenoidal sinuses innervation dynamic quiz , Masseter, Anterior/middle ethmoidal air cells, maxillary/frontal sinus open into, Sphenoid sinus opens into, Inferior alveolar nerve (CN V3), Anterior drainage of lymph nodes, Maxillary sinus innervation, Lateral pterygoid origin and insertion elearning , Nasolacrimal duct opens into, Arteries supplying nasal cavity distance learning , Sympathetics, Posterior drainage of lymph nodes teaching , Maxillary sinusitis, Parasympathetics, Nasal cavity innervation, Posterior ethmoidal air cells open into online , Temporalis, Auriculotemporal nerve (CN V3),

Inferior meatus, Two heads on sphenoid %26 lateral pterygoid plate to TMJ, Branches of CN V1 and CN V2, Superior meatus, Sensory innervation to lower teeth. Exits as Mental nerve (chin innervation), Sphenoid recess, Innervates skin around the ear, coursing around middle meningeal artery, Middle meatus, Dilate blood vessels --%3e blood into nasal cavity to warm air, Masseter and medial pterygoid, Opens jaw, swings side to side (unilaterally) and pull mandible forward, Stimulate mucous cells to create mucous (glands), Elevates; pyramidal process %26 pterygoid plate to mandible ramus, Deep cervical nodes, Elevates %26 retracts; temporal fossa to coronoid process of mandible, Superior alveolar branches of infraorbital nerve (CN V2), Supraorbital branch of frontal nerve (CN V1), Submandibular nodes educational activities , Branches of facial, ophthalmic, sphenopalatine arteries quiz builder , Ethmoidal branches of nasociliary nerve (CN V1), Elevates jaw; zygomatic arch to lateral surface of mandible school , Sinus most commonly infected by bacteria; can%27t drain standing up,