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Unit 5 Lesson 2

1. What is a sentence with two independent clauses joined by a comma and a conjunction?
simple, compound, complex, notable
2. Another term for attention-grabber is:
topic sentence, detail, conclusion, body paragraph
3. The sentence that is the guiding sentence for a whole essay is:
concluding sentence, detail, thesis, attention-grabber
4. What is a method of organizing a paragraph that can help you remember the parts?
hot dog method, hamburger method, pizza method, I%27m hungry now!
5. Where would you find the closing sentence in an essay?
the first sentence, in the middle, in the second paragraph, at the end
6. Which word means a group of sentences with an opening sentence, details, and a closing sentence?
exposition, paragraph, essay, topic
7. What does a complex sentence have?
one independent clause, two independent clauses, three independent clauses, an independent clause and a dependent clause
8. web pageSpecific information in an essay is also called:
details, hamburger method, introduction, thesis
9. Information that contains specific things that will help a reader understand something:
thesis, background information, conclusion, exposition