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Unit 7 Lesson 2

1. What color ink should you use on a job application?
blue, black, red, any color
2. The first thing you should do with a job application is:
emphasize words, enter information, check the information, survey the application
3. If you have not had work experience, you can list all of the following except:
high school clubs web tool , job shadowing, internships, volunteer experiences
4. language If something on the application is not relevant to you, you should write:
Nothing. Leave it blank., How it could be relevant to you, n/a for not applicable, something you made up
5. Your job application should not have
correct spelling, neat handwriting, complete information, the activities you participated in during your youth
6. If you submit an application in person, you should not:
dress professionally, talk a lot, introduce yourself, use excellent manners
7. If you are looking for a job, what should you do to your social media?
Nothing because it%27s no one%27s business., Clean it up and delete inappropriate images., Delete it completely., Make posts that say you hope you get the job.