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Posterior crico-arytenoid muscle action, Infraglottic space, Quiet respiration, Laryngeal ventricle create online tests , Forced inspiration, Hyo-epiglottic ligament, Thyro-arytenoid muscle action, Vocal ligament, Cricothyroid ligament, External branch of superior laryngeal nerve (CN X), Internal branch of superior laryngeal nerve (CN X), Cricothyroid muscle action mix questions , Lateral, oblique, and transverse arytenoid muscles - actions, Swallowing, Vocalis muscle, SENSORY Recurrent laryngeal nerve, Phonation, Cricoarytenoid joint, Vestibule, Forced closure short answer questions , Quadrangular membrane, Thyrohyoid membrane, Cricothyroid joint, MOTOR Recurrent laryngeal nerve,

Cricothyroid muscle, All other intrinsic muscles, Vocal folds ABducted, vestibule open, Thyroid cart moves forward on cricoid; length/tension on vocal lig increase, Fine adjustment of tension in vocal folds, Larynx inferior to vocal folds, Paired, connecting epiglottis with arytenoid %26 thryoid cartilages, ADducts vocal folds, pulls epiglottis downward during swallowing, Pulls thyroid cartilage forward, changing vocal ligament tension, Both vocal and vestibular folds partially open, Epiglottis to hyoid bone, Vocal and vestibular folds ADducted, vestibule closed elearning , Superior to vestibular fold, ABducts vocal folds by rotating arytenoid cartilages, Inferior to vocal fold, ADducts vocal folds, Vocal and vestibular folds closed, vestibule closed, epiglottis swings down, Attached to thyroid and arytenoid cartilages, Between vocal and vestibular folds, ABduct %26 ADduct through sliding %26 rotation of arytenoid cartilage, Thyroid cartilage to hyoid bone, Vocal folds ADducted, vestibule open active teaching , Cricoid cartilage to vocal ligament language , SENSORY to larynx above vocal folds,