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Levator veli palatini, uvula, palatopharyngeus, palatoglossus innvervation , Stylopharyngeus innervation, Laryngopharynx, Superior constrictor muscle, Gag reflex (sensory limb) *Afferent, Palatopharyngeus muscles origin and insertion, Inferior constrictor muscle quiz generator , Middle constrictor muscle, Salpingopharyngeus origin, Oropharynx, Stylopharyngeus, Palatopharyngeus, salpingopharyngeus action, Constrictors and salpingopharyngeus innveration class website , Nasopharynx educational activities , Gag reflex (motor limb) *Efferent, Tensor veli palatini innervation, Stylopharyngeus muscle origin and insertion,

Pharyngeal plexus (CN 9 and 10), Choanae --%3e soft palate, Epiglottis --%3e inferior aspect of cricoid cartilage (C6 vertebral level) learning , Soft palate --%3e superior end of epiglottisweb page, Cranial Nerve 10, Cranial Nerve X, Cranial Nerve V3 online quizzes , From cartilaginous portion of the Eustacian tube, Arises from the thyroid cartilage learning , From styloid process to pharynx between superior %26 middle constrictors, Elevates pharynx (closes nasopharynx), Cranial Nerve 9, Arises from the medial pterygoid plate, mandible, and posterior tongue, Cranial Nerve IX e-learning , Attaches to the greater and lesser horns of the hyoid bone english , From soft palate to blend with other muscle fibers on pharyngeal wall,