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%22Matter%22 Vocabulary (Science Book pg. 477- 484)

malleability , weight print quizzes , element short answer questions , mL (mililiter), 3 states of matter, mass, cm3 (cubic cetimeters), matter, buoyancy, properties, atom, density, solid, volume, gas, newtons, liquid,

measurement of solid volumes, substance that takes shape of its container, particles flow, anything that has mass and takes up space, the amount of pull gravity has on an object save time , the amount of matter in an object, measures how much space matter takes up, a measurement of weight, something that can be observed about an object results , the ability to be bent, flattened, hammered or pressed into new shapes, the smallest unit of any object, a pure substance made of only one atom that can%27t be broken down, the amount of matter in a certain volume of a substance, solids liquids gases, subtance with no definite shape, particles are not close together, measurement of liquid volume class website , the upward push of a liquid or gas on an object placed in it , substance with a definite shape, particles are close and do not move,