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Conditional sentences

If the police had caught him, interactive learning , If my car broke down on the way to work,, You will be safer , Elisa will come to your house, If I had gone camping,, If he had gone to the beach,, If she had exercised more,, The girl wouldn%27t have lost the money, , If I gain more weight,, If it is hot this afternoon,, My life would have been different, If Miriam knew all the answers,, George won%27t move to another city,, If the electricity goes off,, The garden would be cleaner, If I had known about her problem,,

I would have taken a flashlight., if you fasten your seatbelt., if he finds a better job., he will go swimming., if she had kept it in her wallet., if you call her., if it were not autumn., she wouldn%27t have gained so much weight., I will look for a flashlight., he would have taken his bathing suit., I would call a taxi., she would win a lot of money. invite students , if I had lived in India., he would have gone to jail. english , I%27ll start to exercise more., I would have tried to help her.,