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Choose the best answer with the correct form of the conditionals

1. If you eat fast food,
you would gain weight., you gains weight., you will gain weight, you gained weight.
2. quiz If I __________ more money, I would buy a car.
have, would have, had, will have
3. If she __________ how to speak French, she would not take lessons.
knows, know, known, knew
4. What ______________ if you don%27t do well in the test?
will happen, happened, happens, is happen
5. Does the computer work
if you use batteries?, if you used batteries?, if you will use batteries?, if you had used batteries?
6. The men would have money if they _________.
work, worked, works, working
7. If I had studied harder, I __________ my exam.
would pass , will pass, would have passed , would passed