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Gerund and Infinitive

Life has a nasty habit, He has a master plan, He was valued for his skill, I had no means, She had the idea, I never quite mastered the art , She has a sincere interest, He came here with the purpose, The pilot started preparations, The report emphasizes the importance, There%27s no point, The rabbit had no chance, I see no harm of , The main reason, They had great difficulty, The job requires prior experience elearning ,

in advertising., of walking in high heels., of improving safety standards., of telling him I would be late., of carrying out the attack., for becoming a millionaire., of repeating itself., for living in Spain is the weather. , of starting her own business. online learning games , in raising money for the company. , in painting. , in finding a replacement of such a good specialist., of outrunning the dogs., in worrying. , drinking coffee., for landing.,