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Weather matching

red half-circles and blue triagles alternate on a map, snow, clouds, air mass, freezing rain, cumulus clouds, Wind, Fog, Cumulonimbus cloud tool for teachers , low pressure, anticyclone, blue triangles on a map, cold front, An H on the weather map means this, Precipitation, front, temperature, cirrus clouds, Rain, Sleet, cyclone, weather, red half-circles on a map, stationary front, warm front, An L on the weather map means this, high pressure, stratus clouds, circle that is filled in completely on a map- what does this mean? create online quizzes , humidity teaching ,

precipitation that falls from cloud in solid form and creates beautiful crystals, cloud cover is 100%25, Wx system that leads to fair weather; cold sinking air has this, when air masses meet and create weather grading , low stratus cloud that forms near ground, flat clouds that cover the sky like a blanket; leads to overcast or rainy Wx computer assisted language learning , when warm and cold air masses meet and don%27t move, objects that form as warm air rises, expands, and then cools, stationary front, Rain drops that freeze before they hit the ground, high pressure, cold front, large, swirling areas of low pressure; brings stormy weather, precipitation that falls from a cloud as a liquid, warm front, large body of air that%27s like the surface it formed over, amount of water vapor in the air, warm air advances on cold air; creates days of clouds or rain, large, swirling areas of high pressure; brings fair weather educational activities , clouds that are high and feathery in the sky, air moving in a specific direction, cold air advanced on warm air; creates stormy weather, a measure of the average amount of motion of molecules, rain, snow, sleet, hail, condition of the atmosphere; sun water, wind interactingstimulate your students , bring fair weather and are puffy clouds that look like cotton balls, thunderhead clouds; bring rain, hail, thunderstorms, weather system that creates stormy or cloud weather; warm rising air has this, low pressure, precipitation that falls as rain but freezes when it hits the ground,