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Podcasts in English 47,51

Listen to two podcasts again and do the activity. After that listen again and check if the words appear in those podcasts.

cause, innovative, proposal, donor, hype, presell educational games , win-win situation, party, success story, willing, pledge, recap, funds, venture, equities create online tests , entrepreneur online activities ,

someone or something that becomes very successful, someone who gives money or things to an organization, plan or organization that helps other people, to promise certain amount of money , a plan or suggestion, especially a formal one , shares in a company from which the owner receives money, someone who uses money to start businesses, a new business or activity, to sell a product before it is available, the use of advertisements to interest people, a person or group involved in an agreement or disagreement teacher , to describe briefly what has been done, money that a company has or needs, a situation in which everyone benefits, used about someone who does something with enthusiasm, new, original, and advanced web tool ,