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5 Form. Unit 3. Lesson 2 (copy)

Match parts of the film titles.

1. of Sherlock Holmes.
The Adventures, The Wizard , Romeo, The Pirates
2. of the Rings.
The Lord, Winnie , The Pirates, The Adventures
3. Kids.
Spy, Toy, Kung Fu , Snow White and
4. Holiday.
Mr Bean%27s, The Lion, Monster, Harry Potter
5. Element.
The Fifth, Beauty , Toy, The Wizard
6. create online quizzes of the Caribbean.
The Pirates, Winnie , Toy, The Adventures
7. House.
Monster, The Lion, Spy, The Adventures
8. and Juliet.
Romeo, The Adventures, Beauty , The Pirates
9. Story.
Toy, Harry Potter, Snow White and, The Pirates
10. and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
Harry Potter, Kung Fu , Snow White and, Monster
11. print quizzes and the Beast.
Beauty , Mr Bean%27s, The Fifth, Harry Potter
12. King.
The Lion, Beauty web 2.0 , The Pirates, Spy
13. Panda.
Kung Fu , Monster, Snow White and, The Adventures
14. the Pooh.
Winnie , Spy, The Fifth, The Lion
15. the Seven Dwarfs.
Snow White and, The Lion, Romeo, Winnie