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Unit 3 - Factions and Parties - New Republic

Federalist faction, AntiFederalist faction, Democratic-Republican Party, Federalist Party,

support Constitution, learning strictly interpreted Constitution, prepare quiz loosley interpreted, Federalist Papers, had %22aristocratic%22 president, National Bank, Father of the Constitution James Madison , create online tests favored British , more newspaper control, Publius expressed ideas, educational activities gov. would be like King, Const. %22toward monarchy%22, Const. lacked Bill of Rights, Articles weak, web 2.0 poorly organized opponents of the Constitution, felt mistrust of government in Constitution debates, Madison %26 Hamilton, favored industrial interests or factory owners, center on agriculture, distant learning angelic men = government wouldn%27t be needed, party relied upon A 1, S8 section 8 of the Constitution, Patrick Henry, Sam Adams and Richard Lee, only two presidents were members of this party, in power during 1790%27s, Jeffersonians, Hamiltonians, party favored %22best people%22, favored tariffs for business, larger peacetime military, referrred to as Republican Party,