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Faster, More Urban, More Diverse

1. Where did this person live?
2. In the future...
a crystal ball perspective., real emergent trends., past trends., crystal ball trends.,
3. What does the think would be different?
Landscapes., Households., Economy., Cities, towns %26 Co.%27s size.,
4. Our problems will be more #.
dad, father, , ,
5. How does he envisions the 2050 world? Based on...
1921, , ,
6. The way he envisions the world would be like in 2050 is based on imaginative thoughts.
crash of the stock market, the stock market%27s crash, , multiple choice questions ,
7. Changes will be happening # rapidly.
In Italy., In a ghetto. mix questions , In Tennessee., In New Jersey.,
8. People will be # flexible.
TRUE, FALSE, grading ,
9. He was a young factory worker.
TRUE, FALSEweb page, ,
10. What was the first big event this person witnessed? He witnessed the #
easy, impossible, expected, incredible,
11. This person was born in #.
12. 2050 world for him will...
farm, , ,
13. This person lived surrounded by his traditions, unaware of what was going on outside his own little world.
14. He sees diversity as something positive.
Optimistic., Pessimistic., Answer_3_(optional),
15. Which is the correct sequence?
City %3e Farm %3e Suburbanization, Subarbanization %3e City %3e Farm prepare quiz , Farm %3e City %3e Suburbanization,
16. Richard believes future changes won%27t have a strong, negative impact on people%27s lives if people have reinvented the educational system by 2050.
TRUE, FALSE crossword maker , ,
17. There won%27t be inequality.
our economy won%27t be real-state driven., our economy won%27t be so strongly real-state driven. dynamic quiz , home and work divisions will be more evident., home and work will probably be intertwined.,
18. The changes that are still to come will bring about much more impact that those changes that the WWII brought about.
more, , ,
19. This person could buy a house where it was a #, which amazed him.
20. He is #.
TRUE, FALSE, school ,
21. He thinks about his # as an example of a person who witnessed a great change.
more, assess performance , ,
22. Richard Florida # about what the world would look like in 2050.
psychological, mental, language , ,
23. Richard believes it was # for this person to foresee his future.
be more diverse., be more concerned with environmental issues., value human creativity., value human beings.,