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Faster, More Urban, More Diverse

1. What was the first big event this person witnessed? He witnessed the #
2. Richard believes it was # for this person to foresee his future.
a crystal ball perspective., real emergent trends., past trends. tool for teachers , crystal ball trends.,
3. 2050 world for him will...
Landscapes., Households., Economy., Cities, towns %26 Co.%27s size.,
4. What does the think would be different?
dad, father, , ,
5. In the future...
1921, , quiz generator ,
6. Richard Florida # about what the world would look like in 2050.
crash of the stock market, the stock market%27s crash, , ,
7. Where did this person live?
In Italy., In a ghetto., In Tennessee., In New Jersey.,
8. The way he envisions the world would be like in 2050 is based on imaginative thoughts.
TRUE, FALSE, stimulate your students ,
9. Our problems will be more #.
10. The changes that are still to come will bring about much more impact that those changes that the WWII brought about.
easy, impossible, expected online activities , incredible,
11. He was a young factory worker.
12. This person was born in #.
farm, , ,
13. Changes will be happening # rapidly.
14. This person lived surrounded by his traditions, unaware of what was going on outside his own little world.
Optimistic., Pessimistic., Answer_3_(optional) invite students ,
15. There won%27t be inequality.
City %3e Farm %3e Suburbanization, Subarbanization %3e City %3e Farm, Farm %3e City %3e Suburbanization,
16. How does he envisions the 2050 world? Based on...
17. People will be # flexible.
our economy won%27t be real-state driven., our economy won%27t be so strongly real-state driven., home and work divisions will be more evident., home and work will probably be intertwined.,
18. This person Richard talks about was a visionary.
more, , active teaching ,
19. Richard believes future changes won%27t have a strong, negative impact on people%27s lives if people have reinvented the educational system by 2050.
TRUE, FALSE online quizzes , ,
20. He thinks about his # as an example of a person who witnessed a great change.
21. This person could buy a house where it was a #, which amazed him.
more, , ,
22. Which is the correct sequence?
psychological, mental, help students assimilate material , ,
23. He is #.
be more diverse., be more concerned with environmental issues., value human creativity., value human beings.,