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Type of Slope

Place the equation of the line or the type of line in the correct category.

Positive Slope, Negative Slope, Zero Slope, Undefined Slope,

online education y=-5, y=6x, x=15, vertical line, y=5-3x, y=11-4x, 12x=36, horizontal line, y=8x%2b12, y=8x-14, x=-5, diagonal line rising left to right, 6y=12, y=-12x, mix questions 9x=81, diagonal line falling left to right, y=(1/2), y=1, y=x, 6x-3y=4, 7y=63, y=-5, y=10-x, online activities -2x%2by=8, y=12, y=-9-15x, y=-x%2b15, 9x-12y=9, y=-10x%2b9, y=-9x, educational games x=0, x%2by= 16,