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1. what can provoke damage to your pc?
virus, bios, power-up, boot-up
2. what does spam means?
nothing of them, inappropriate messages, the protocol of net, dangerous files
3. a person who can thief your passwords
programmer, hacker, cracker, technician
4. what can you do in order to save your files when you make a format?
control panel, troll, copies, backup
5. which is the place in the pc that we can save your files?
hard disk, hardware, interface card, software
6. which of the following answer is not a pc language?
java, C%2b%2b, python, snake
7. The person responsible for administering the site
webmaster, programmer, manager, genius
8. the place that you can communicate with other people on the internet
youtube, chat, photoshop, windows media player
9. every user must have this in order to log in
money online activities , username, account, e-mail
10. online education a fast photo of your desktop
screenshot, desktop, http, IP
11. class web page which of the following answer is not a program of social medias
facebook, snapchat, instagram, youtube