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The Last of The Mohicans 1 (About the Author)

Read about James Fenimore Cooper. Decide if the sentences are true or false.

1. There were fourteen people in Cooper%27s family
2. James Fenimore Cooper was born in New Jersey, North America on 15th September 1789. His family lived on a farm in Cooperstown, in the north of New York State. Cooper had five brothers and seven sisters. He went to school at Yale. But he did not behave well and he had to leave. In 1805, Cooper became a sailor. He was in the US Navy until 1810. In 1811 Cooper%27s father died. Cooper married Susan De Lancey and they lived on the farm. From 1812 to 1821 Cooper worked very hard. But he was poor. He gave a lot of money to his brothers and sisters. In 1820, he started to write stories. Cooper%27s adventure stories were about life in the forests and the wild lands of North America. The Last of the Mohicans was Cooper%27s most popular story. Many people liked the adventures of Hawk-eye. Cooper became rich and he travelled to Europe. Cooper wrote five stories about Hawk-eye: The Pioneers (1823), The Last of the Mohicans (1826), The Pathfinder (1840) and The Deerslayer (1841). He also wrote The Spy (1821), The Pilot (1823) and The Prairie (1827). James Fenimore Cooper died on 14th September 1851.
3. Between 1805 and 1810 Cooper was a soldier.
4. Cooper%27s parents were farmers.
5. Lots of people have read %27The Last of the Mohicans%22.
6. Cooper didn%27t help his brothers and sisters because he was poor.
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